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Hi there, I'll be taking you through some of the best real money casinos for you to play your slots. So, after careful research and observation, I have been able to pick them out. The factors that made me handpick these real money casinos include:

  • High pay-outs
  • The increased number of free spins that you can have
  • First deposit bonuses that are big

Therefore, you would be able to play these slots for real money. However, I understand that the biggest factor in your decision-making process is trust, and so you need to know who I am.

The Best Real Money Casinos in June 2021

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First of all, who am I?

I am Henry, and I am 55 years old. For most of my life, I have had a strong passion for slots and casinos. As a result, I have built my website as an independent reviewer of slots and casinos.

Because of my commitment and hard work, I have become a trusted authority in the free slots and real money community. More so, I have one of the largest collection of real money slots, and it only gets bigger and better.

I understand the importance of trust to casino players and slot lovers. Furthermore, I want everyone to be carried along, including mobile players. Therefore, I am also quick to find the best real money slots for them, as well. Finally, there have been a few safety concerns with real money casinos. For that reason, I’ll only recommend the safest slots for you.

Why Should You Play real money Slots at Online Casinos?

What many people regard to be the most vital part of their gaming experience is comfort. Moreover, you have much more comfortable when you play real money slots at home. Nevertheless, some people still prefer the aura that comes with playing at real money casinos. Either way, what matters the most is that you have fun while making money.

However, I have been playing a lot of slots for real money over the years. During this time, I have developed more interest in online real money casinos for several reasons. Firstly, I have never been so comfortable with the smoke and noise at the slots. In addition, I like my privacy and my own space. Finally, I prefer the less-is-more approach to online real money slots.

There are also some perks of online real money casinos. For instance, the return to players percentage (RTP) is as high as 97% whereas it is about 75% with the land-based machines. Thus, this higher percentage means that you have a much higher chance of receiving cashback when you play.

Benefits of real money slots

You might have already figured that there are several benefits of real money slots. In summary, they take your experience to a whole new level. Let us take a look at them below:

  • Enjoy lots of slot varieties: The ones that I will recommend below have hundreds of online real money slots hosted in their lobby. Therefore, it is almost certain that you will come across a game that you will fall in love with. More so, these slots have amazing graphics and lots of bonus incentives for you to revel in.

    When I started spinning some reels, I found out that features like wilds, scattered symbols, multipliers, and other special characters led to massive wins for me. Therefore, I told myself that this was the way to go.

    Personally, I would recommend that if you are new to real money casinos, you should try out a few games that the software providers that I will feature as top-rated real money casinos.

    In fact, you would be able to explore better the type and style of gameplay that suits you best. In addition, you will also find out whether you have enough real money casinos at your disposal.

  • You can play real money casinos on the go, using your mobile phone: All the casinos that I would recommend also have slot machines that you can use on any device. Thus, you can enjoy the comfort of your mobile phone, tablet, etc. Though they have much smaller screens, the graphics remain spot on. Thus, you have pure bliss even with the most complex modern slots.

    All my recommended real money casinos offer various slot machines on various devices, including mobiles, and tablets. Despite the smaller screens of phones and tablets, the graphics pop out even on the most intricate modern slots.

    Also, you can now make payments for your favourite slots at these renowned real money casinos online using your mobile phone. You can do this just the same way you would do so with your desktop. In addition, you can claim your bonuses, make deposits, and other transactions because these real money casinos online are easy to operate.

  • You can win with just a spin: The essence of gambling with real money is for you to win much more. Most times, the rewards are mouth-watering. The general rule is that the greater the risk, the greater the reward. However, you are always one spin away from a massive win. You just need the right mix of luck and a good amount to fetch you the win. This is one big advantage of real money slots.

    My piece of advice here is that you should remember it all boils down to luck in the end. Knowing this will prevent you from getting sad when you do not win. I still believe that with real money casinos, the primary aim should be for fun, and if you win in the process, great.

The most reputable real money slot providers

A major reason I am keen to recommend the highlighted casinos above is that they have the best software providers for their games. The first time I tested this, it was a special experience for me.

Top developers like Bally, IGT, WMS, and Aristocrat always release fun games that have great features for boosting your chances of winning real money. You can tell from the real, Pauline combos, and symbols. In the end, they leave you winning big!

How I arrived at the best real money casino sites

I know safety and fair play is a big concern for most people. As a result, I carried out deep research and blended them with my decades of experience in the industry. I considered the following factors:

  • Safety: I was able to look into the background of all the real money casinos. I also tracked the brands they worked with, and I verified if they truly had those licenses. Lastly, I confirmed from some of the winners of the games.

    All real money casinos must have an SSL licensing and Random number generator to assure you that everything is fair.

  • Customer service: I’m only in support of real money casinos with great customer services. They should have 24/7 support. In addition, live chat and email are vital. For instance, I have talked with the customer support of Betway. They were speedy to attend to me.

    Real money casinos should also be loyal to their customers. They should offer regular promotions.

  • Bonuses and promotions: I only approve real money online casinos with generous welcome bonuses and weekly promotions. I am always excited about casinos that strive to keep their game happy. I consider it a sign of commitment.

    The real money casinos that give free spins, match bonuses, loyalty schemes, and other rewards are the best. This is because they can take different players.

  • Casino Games Lobby: The number of games matters and they should cut across classic slot machines, video slots, and table games.

    More so, video poker and live casino all add up to give an impressive portfolio of games. Furthermore, the lobby should also boast of the latest game updates.

  • Banking: There is a popular quote that a casino is only as great its payment methods. This simply means that real money casinos should have different payment options for players to use.

    Different banking methods make playing far more convenient. Also, the deposits and withdrawals should be super fast. All the trusted real money casinos have a credit card and e-wallet options.

For your own safety, you should only go with trusted casinos. Like I said earlier, I have been scammed before and trust me; it was a bitter experience. I would not want the same thing to happen to you.

Important tips for your gaming

  • Claim all your bonuses: Bonuses give you the chance to win some cash. There are sign up, referral, and reload slot bonuses. All you need to do is to follow the terms and conditions to qualify for the bonus.
  • Win real money jackpots: The only way to do this is to play real money slots. Free slots only give a few bucks at best. However, it is different from real money casinos. You can win millions of dollars from a jackpot, and this can change your life.
  • Progressive slots: They help you to win grand prizes, so you should never overlook them.

Real money casinos to avoid

  • Lucky247 Casino
  • Real Deal bingo
  • Wicked Bet Casino

One thing is common with these casinos. They have shown over time that they are not reliable, and they fail to pay. In addition, they have poor customer service. They are not safe, and you should avoid them as much as possible.

Note that more casinos are out there that you should avoid. I’ll be taking my time to update you on this matter.

Risk-taking; Low stakes or high stakes?

This simply has to do with your budget. Maximum bets for high stakes are up to $150 per spin, while those for low stakes are around $0.5 per spin. I’ll advise you to start with the low stakes first because it will help you gain experience.

You do not need any skill to get started as a real money casino player. There are massive jackets, loyalty points, and a vast selection of games. However, you should be aware of the cons, like losing money easily without discipline. Also, cash-out is not as fast as with live casinos.

Common Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I play real money slots?

The simple answer is that they give you the chance to win real money. In addition, you will have the chance to win bonuses, VIP rewards, and other experiences.

Are real money casinos honest and safe?

Not all real money casinos are safe. It depends on the software used also. I have been a victim of fraudulent games before. This is the reason you should only go for the reputable casinos that I recommend. This way, you would not be worried about security, spin abuse, and bias. Independent audits ensure that the gameplay is always fair.

Can I try out some free slots first?

Sure. Most of the real money casinos will offer demo versions until you are comfortable enough to start playing. After you make a deposit into your account, you will have access to various games.

Which games give the best payouts?

It really depends. What type of payout do you want? If it is RTP, video poker and blackjack are among the best. However, the biggest jackpot still comes from slot machines online.

How do I know the best real money slot to go for?

Despite the slot you prefer, you should always check the Return to Player (RTP) first. This simply tells you how much money you will get back. Choose games with RTPs of 97% and above. The reward is much better. I do not waste my time playing the lower RTP real money slots because it simply isn’t worth it.

Who do I contact if I need any help?

Any time you play online slots at a real money casino, there will always be a customer support base for you to reach out to. It is customized, and they will give you one-on-one attention on any issue you want to make enquiries about. You will also find updates on any changes to the system. In addition, there are live chat and call options as well.

Where can I sign up?

You can sign up on my website. The real money casinos that I highlighted all offer real cash bets. You can choose anyone that you think would be great for you. There are hundreds of games for you to enjoy.

Final thoughts

Overall, I will advise that you should not be in a hurry to make up your mind to play for real money. You can decide to take it slow until you are confident enough.

You can start betting with small amounts until you can save up your winnings for more. In the end, playing real money casinos is an experience that no slot lover should miss.

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